anonymous_namespace{logger.cpp} Namespace Reference


template<typename T >
QVector< T > loadFromBuffer (const boost::circular_buffer_space_optimized< T > &src, const int offset=0)

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template<typename T >
QVector<T> anonymous_namespace{logger.cpp}::loadFromBuffer ( const boost::circular_buffer_space_optimized< T > &  src,
const int  offset = 0 

Definition at line 39 of file logger.cpp.

40  {
41  QVector<T> ret;
42  ret.reserve(static_cast<typename decltype(ret)::size_type>(src.size()) - offset);
43  std::copy((src.begin() + offset), src.end(), std::back_inserter(ret));
44  return ret;
45  }
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Referenced by Logger::getMessages(), and Logger::getPeers().

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