utils.h File Reference
#include <QSize>
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void Utils::Gui::resize (QWidget *widget, const QSize &newSize={})
qreal Utils::Gui::screenScalingFactor (const QWidget *widget)
template<typename T >
Utils::Gui::scaledSize (const QWidget *widget, const T &size)
QPixmap Utils::Gui::scaledPixmap (const QIcon &icon, const QWidget *widget, int height)
QPixmap Utils::Gui::scaledPixmap (const QString &path, const QWidget *widget, int height=0)
QPixmap Utils::Gui::scaledPixmapSvg (const QString &path, const QWidget *widget, int baseHeight)
QSize Utils::Gui::smallIconSize (const QWidget *widget=nullptr)
QSize Utils::Gui::mediumIconSize (const QWidget *widget=nullptr)
QSize Utils::Gui::largeIconSize (const QWidget *widget=nullptr)
QPoint Utils::Gui::screenCenter (const QWidget *w)
void Utils::Gui::openPath (const QString &absolutePath)
void Utils::Gui::openFolderSelect (const QString &absolutePath)