fs.h File Reference
#include <QString>
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QString Utils::Fs::toNativePath (const QString &path)
QString Utils::Fs::toUniformPath (const QString &path)
QString Utils::Fs::resolvePath (const QString &relativePath, const QString &basePath)
QString Utils::Fs::fileExtension (const QString &filename)
QString Utils::Fs::fileName (const QString &filePath)
QString Utils::Fs::folderName (const QString &filePath)
qint64 Utils::Fs::computePathSize (const QString &path)
bool Utils::Fs::sameFiles (const QString &path1, const QString &path2)
QString Utils::Fs::toValidFileSystemName (const QString &name, bool allowSeparators=false, const QString &pad=QLatin1String(" "))
bool Utils::Fs::isValidFileSystemName (const QString &name, bool allowSeparators=false)
qint64 Utils::Fs::freeDiskSpaceOnPath (const QString &path)
QString Utils::Fs::branchPath (const QString &filePath, QString *removed=nullptr)
bool Utils::Fs::sameFileNames (const QString &first, const QString &second)
QString Utils::Fs::expandPath (const QString &path)
QString Utils::Fs::expandPathAbs (const QString &path)
bool Utils::Fs::isRegularFile (const QString &path)
bool Utils::Fs::smartRemoveEmptyFolderTree (const QString &path)
bool Utils::Fs::forceRemove (const QString &filePath)
void Utils::Fs::removeDirRecursive (const QString &path)
QString Utils::Fs::tempPath ()
QString Utils::Fs::findRootFolder (const QStringList &filePaths)
void Utils::Fs::stripRootFolder (QStringList &filePaths)
void Utils::Fs::addRootFolder (QStringList &filePaths, const QString &name)
bool Utils::Fs::isNetworkFileSystem (const QString &path)